With Lay

App Intro

Make a study plan, start your work, and earn sheep dollars

(Optional) Change app language to English. The default language is simplified Chinese, and it is also available in English and traditional Chinese. You can simply change the app language to English in the settings.

1. Set a timer for work

2. Create a tag

3. Start timer. Earn sheep dollars when you are done. You get 1 sheep dollar for every 4 minutes of work.

Checkout the store to get your favorite themes. Use sheep dollars to unlock these amazing fan arts.

1. Unlock a new theme

2. This is a theme with a pair of images

3. All available themes. There are 125 themes total.

Go to the stats page to check your work progress

This page has everything you want to know about this app

1. Tutorial for the timer

2. Link to this website

Last but most important of all, support Yixing! He is the cutest, the kindest, the sexiest, the most beautiful, the most talented, and the best! He inspires and motivates us for all these works!


  1. Q: If I find a bug, have some suggestions, want to submit my fan arts, or just want to find an Xback to chat with, how do I reach out to you?
    A: Just shoot me an email xback.lucia.97@gmail.com, and I'll usually respond within 48 hours :)
  2. Q: What inspired you to make this app?
    A: This is inspired by my favorite productivity app called Forest, which helped me a lot when I was in college. I believe an app like this would help other fans become more productive at work. There are so many talented artists in this community, and I hope everyone gets to know their amazing works!
  3. Q: Do you plan to make more apps in the future?
    A: Yes! I have a project in mind, and it's gonna be something big. I'm not sure if it's gonna work out as expected or not. The release date for this one is TBD.